alien3 (alien3) wrote,

Ультиматум СУПу

Даю СУПу 5 дней, чтобы всё вернуть обратно.

И цитаты высказываний англоязычных пользователей (октябрь 2012):

DO NOT WANT!!!!! of course LJ doesn't care one iota what thousands of people say....once this is forced upon me, i will no longer use my friends page at all as the layout is blinding, not user friender and just NO, NO!'s almost like you WANT people to leave LJ....

it's almost like you WANT people to leave LJ....

I am seriously beginning to think this is the thought behind all of this... how much will they take before they all just leave?

Honestly? The feeling I've gotten over the last months is that in fact, they DO seem to want to push away their old and once loyal userbase and the groups that they belonged to (fandom, RPers, writers, ...), and attract the facebook/twitter/tumblr ADHD hipster crowds. Why, I have no idea. Maybe to appeal to the media and advertisers? Because I think LJ used to have a pretty good "paid services" revenue system going on and everyone knows those sites don't really make any money that way, but from ads and publicity. :/

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