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На глаза попался забавный текст “Team building involves more than throwing a few people together”.

Вот кусочек оттуда:
“Most high-performing teams (whether it is in the workplace, sports or even in a pub quiz) have leaders. A good leader should be able to play to individuals' strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. 'A good leader is critical,' says Gary Spellins, Managing Director of Managed Services, Lex Service plc, which delivers a range of outsourcing solutions to the public and private sector. 'It should be someone who can act as a catalyst and a constant reminder of that the team needs to achieve.' The leader must, above all, be skilled in sharing responsibility and delegating work to others, coaching them to achieve tasks, and providing constructive feedback on how the tasks went”.

Скоро конвенция, вот там и узнаем, насколько треккеры знакомы с термином 'Teamworking'. ;-)

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