November 16th, 2014



Роберт Зубрин довёз Настю до Гранд-Джанкшена. Там она лично познакомилась со своей командой MDRS Crew 143. Вчера утром они отправились на Mars Desert Research Station, где примут смену у предыдущей команды (внёс правку - похоже, что они ещё в субботу приехали на MDRS).

Помню, как весной 2013 года мы тоже ехали на станцию в Юту.

P.S. Оказывается, команда уже на MDRS.
Вот первый рапорт командира Пола Найтли:

MDRS Crew 143
Commander Report
By Paul Knightly, 11/15/14

Crew 143 rendezvoused in Grand Junction throughout the day yesterday (11/14/14). As we met and got to know one another, we refined our schedule for departure as we discussed our plans for MDRS among ourselves. Our initial departure time from Grand Junction was set for between 09:00 and 10:00 hours today. As we were meeting in the morning and packing our bags, one of our crew members discovered they had misplaced his passport. We conducted a thorough search of locations that we had visited in Grand Junction since they last remembered seeing it, but to no avail. We ultimately left contact information with the hotel, two restaurants, and the local police department in the event that it shows up.
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