November 17th, 2014



Работа MDRS Crew 143 началась.
К сожалению, из-за разницы во времени, публикации будут с задержкой.
Вот первый текст от Насти на английском. Дальше я буду публиковать её русскоязычные тексты с фотографиями:

After 1,5 day of travel, from snowy vast forests to red rocky desert finally I was getting closer to my space adventure. Hanksville is the closest civilization to our station. Little town with population of 250 people is where we picked up our food supply and head further. Rocky desert changes kilometer after kilometer, from red, brown to white. You can imagine yourself as one of astronauts from Apollo mission passing by white layered rocks or as at first manned spaceship flying around Mars. Finally we see small observatory and surprisingly big Mars Desert Research Station.
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