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Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut, once said that it was his most cherished dream to make another space flight. “There are many possible versions of flights to other planets,” he said. “Let's imagine a flight to Mars. A spaceship of the Vostok type wouldn't do for this. We should need something weighing not five tons but considerably more. It would be a very heavy spaceship which could carry a great reserve of foodstuffs and everything necessary for the life and work of the cosmonauts. It wouldn't be one man making the flight, of course, but a whole crew headed by a commander. In addition to the pilots there would probably be engineers, communication officers and scientists. The experts calculated that on the whole the flight to Mars and back would take approximately three years.
One scientist calculated that a smoker would need a wagonload of tobacco for flight to Mars. And how much food and oxygen would be required, when and how would it all be stored, how would stocks be replenished?
Scientists are working at all these problems at the moment, and there is every hope that they will solve them. And I wish I were among those who will be the first to reach Mars.”

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    В 2026 году Starship компании SpaceX полетит на Марс с людьми. Я думаю, что на борту корабля нужен русский. Достаточно вспомнить фильм…

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    Рано утром в пятницу на 78 канале рассказал о предстоящем в этом году автономном космическом полёте полностью непрофессионального экипажа из…

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    Немного удивительно в обычной рассылке от «Лекториума» прочитать про свой онлайн-курс для школьников и студентов «Как стать космонавтом?».…

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