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При помощи b_a_n_s_h_e_e, я, наконец-то, написал свои ключи освоения космоса. :)

1. Piloted expedition to Mars. It will allow the humankind to venture into deep space, achieve new technologies, obtain new knowledge of space, planets, and Solar system. This will be an important step for the whole humankind.

Key – «Expedition to Mars»

2. Permanent base on Mars. It will allow us to settle down in the distant space boundaries. We can then start the detailed surveillance of Mars and its areology (geology). This will be the first stage of the colonization of the Red Planet.

«Base on Mars»

3. New rocket carriers. For a full-scale «launch into space» we need secure, ecologically and economically efficient rockets with increased carrying capacity.


4. Fundamental and applied scientific studies in physics. We must find new principles of movement in space. Be able to apply the energy from thermonuclear reactions for practical purposes. Obtain new materials for the construction of space ships and rockets.


5. Search for the Earth-type planets near the neighboring stars. We must conduct observations from space observatories in order to find planets resempling the Earth and continue the search for life in our Galaxy, in order to determine the goals for future generations.

«Earth-type planets»


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