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Посмотрел, какие специальности (и звания) есть (были) в NASA.
Очень интересно. Американским студентам есть из чего выбирать.
Весь список прилагается:

Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Support Assistant
Advanced Life Support Systems Engineer
Advanced Projects Design Team Leader
Aeroacoustics Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aeromechanics Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Aeronautics and Aerospace Technologist
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer Technician
Aerospace Optical Engineer
Aerospace Research Engineer
Aerospace Systems Safety Research Assistant
Aerospace Technologist
Air Traffic Control Analyst
Air Traffic Controller
Air Traffic Management Trainer
Airborne Telescope Operator
Aircraft Inspector
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft System Manager
Airfield Safety Manager
Analytical Chemist
Animal Care Facility Project Manager
Applications Support Programmer
Applied Meteorology
Assembly Operations
Assistant Astronomer
Assistant Branch Chief
Assistant Science Coordinator
Assistant Superintendent
Associate Producer
Associate Staff Scientist
Astronaut Office Personnel
Astronomy Educator
Atmospheric Physicists
Atmospheric Structure Investigator
Attitude & Articulation Controller
Avionics Technician
Biocomputation Center Deputy Director
Biological Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Technician
Bone Lab Manager
Branch Chief
Business & Marketing Manager
Business Officer
Camera Control Electronics Designer
Camera Designer
Camera Systems Principal Investigator
Center Controller
Certified Interpreter
Chemical Engineer
Chief Engineer, Bishop Marine Services
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Graphic Specialist
Chief of Biological & Chemical Analysis Laboratories
Chief Of Guidance and Propulsion Systems
Chief of Life Sciences Division
Chief Project Engineer
Chief Telecommunications Engineer
Chief Toxicologist
Chief Veterinary Officer
Civil Engineer
Close-Out Crew Team Member
Cognizant Engineer
College Cooperative Education Student
College Intern
Command And Data System Analyst
Commercial Airline Flight Planner
Commercial Pilot
Communications Engineer
Computational Fluid Dynamicist
Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer
Computer Engineer
Computer Programmer
Computer Scientist
Computer Systems Engineer
Computer Systems Technician
Computer Technician
Conceptual Aircraft Designer
Congressional Staff Member
Crew Chief
Crew Coordinator
Crew Training
Crew Training Coordinator
Curriculum Specialist
Data Communications Engineer
Data Management Team
Data Systems Specialist
Daughter of Astronaut
Deep Space Tracking Network Operations Project Engineer (NOPE)
Deputy Chief of Propulsion and Fluid Systems Branch
Deputy Chief, Systems Division Mission Operations Directorate
Deputy Director of Aeronautics
Deputy Director of Operations, Research and Development Services
Deputy Manager of Payloads Office
Deputy Navigation Team Chief
Deputy Uplink Systems Engineer
Design Engineer
Design Lead
Development Group Leader
Director of Development, Space Center Houston
Director of Flight Operations
Director of Public Relations
Director, Astrobiology and Space Research
Director, California Air & Space Center Teacher Institute
Director, Counseling And Psychological Services Center
Director, NASA Life Sciences Division
Dive Specialist, Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL)
Division Chief
Dust Detector (DDS) Science Coordinator
Education Specialist
Educational Personnel
Electrical Designs Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Operations Engineer
Electrical Power System/Thermal
Electrical Supervisor
Electronics Engineer
Engineering Aide
Engineering Analyst
Engineering Assistant, NASA's SHARP Program
Engineering Manager
Engineering Technician
Engineering Test Pilot
Environment Control and Life Support Systems Engineer
Environmental Physiologist
Environmental Protection Specialist
Environmental Specialist
Equal Opportunity Office Personnel
Executive Director, Physical Fitness and Sports
Exercise Physiologist
Experiment Integration Engineer
Experiment Processing Engineer
Experiment Support Scientist / Microbiology Coordinator
Experiment Systems Manager
Experimental Psychologist
Extravehicular Activities (EVA) Trainer
Facility Engineer
Facility Systems Electrical Engineer
Film Writer, Director And Producer
Financial Manager
First African American Female To Receive A Ph.D. In Engineering
First African-American Woman to Fly In Space
First American Woman in Space
First American Woman on Russia's Mir Space Station
First American Woman to Walk in Space
First Chief of Astronomy
First Child Actress to Win An Academy Award
First Female Admitted to the Navy EOD
First Female Captain of America's Cup Team
First Female INCO Flight Controller
First Female Scientist Trained to be a Payload Specialist
First Female Starship Captain in The History Of Prime-Time
First Female To Head Major University
First Female To Hold Executive Position At NASA
First Female To Receive A Ph.D. In Mechanical Engineering
First Female To Win Iditerod Race.
First Female U.S. Chief Protocol
First Nurse to NASA Astronauts
First Woman Manager of NASA's Simulation Laboratories
First Woman Shuttle Commander
First Woman Tested for Astronauts Selection
First Women Programmers
Flight Controller
Flight Controller, Cargo Integration And Operations
Flight Crew Equipment Manager
Flight Director
Flight Dynamics Officer
Flight Engineer
Flight Equipment Engineering Technician
Flight Manager
Flight Operations Manager
Flight Service Station Briefer
Flight Service Station Manager
Flight Simulation Engineer
Flight Simulator Technician
Flight Software Engineer
Flight System Chief Engineer
Flight Systems and Servicing
Flow Director
Fluids Engineer
Forecaster, Space Meteorology Group
Galileo Orbiter Engineering Deputy Team Chief
Graduate Student
Graphical Research and Analysis Lab Personnel
Graphics Communicator
Ground Controller
Ground Systems Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Hardware Project Engineer
Hazardous Robotics Specialist
Head of Neuroscience Laboratories
High Lift Research
High School Science Teacher
High School Student
High-Energy Astrophysicist
HST Astronomers
HST Commanding Astronomers
HST Compression Technical Assistant
HST Computer Specialists
HST Data Analysts
HST Data Archive Specialists
HST EVA Manager
HST Grants Specialists
HST Ground System Software Support
HST Instrument Scientists
HST Operations Specialists
HST Program Specialists
HST Science Education Specialists
Human Factors Researcher
Icing Researcher
Imaging Science Group Supervisor
Increment Experiment Lead Engineer
Information Technology Associate
Instrumentation Design AST/Lab Lead
Instrumentation Engineer
Instrumentation Technician
Integrated Process Team Lead
Integration and Test Engineer, Rover
Intellectual Property Officer
Interdisciplinary Scientist
Intern Machinist
International Element Manager
International Liaison Office Personnel
ISS Reliability Engineer
K-12 Outreach Support Personnel
Knowledge Engineer
Laboratory Manager
Lander Camera Support Personnel
Launch Site Support Office Personnel
Launch To Activation Procedures Lead
Lead Altimetry Analyst
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Lead Mechanical Technician
Lead Ops planner, Mission Operations Directorate
Lead Robotics and Avionics Engineer
Lead Schedule Integration Engineer
Lead Shuttle Systems Inspector
Lead, Space Station Power Resource Management Team
Leader of the Test Engineering Group
Life Science Space Experiment Ground Lab Logistics Coordinator
Life Science Specialist
Life Sciences Division Deputy Chief
Life Sciences Education Programs Coordinator
Life Sciences Outreach Office Personnel
Life Sciences Program Manager
Local Controller
Logistics Operations Manager
Magnetometer (MAG) Science Coordinator
Manager Mars Exploration Program Education
Manager of Mars Exploration Program
Manager, Galileo Administrative Office
Manager, Mars Sample Return Lander 2003 & 2005
Manager, Space Shuttle Office
Marathon Competitor
Mars Atmosphere Interdisciplinary Scientist
Mars Exploration Program Architect
MARS Outreach Program Project Coordinator
Master Mechanic
Material Research Engineer
Materials Engineer
Materials Scientist
Mathematical Researcher
Mechanical Design Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Instrumentation Tech
Mechanical Systems Engineer
Mechanical Technician, Shuttle Systems
Medical Officer
Medical Services Officer
Metal Fabricator
Meteorology Experiment Science Team Leader
Microbial Ecologist
Mission Commanders:
Mission Documentarian
Mission Evaluation Room Manager
Mission Integration Engineer
Mission Manager
Mission Operations
Mission Ops Design Engineer
Mission Organization and Development Personnel
Mission Planner
Mission Planning and Educational Outreach Team
Mission Planning and Sequence Team of the Mars Global Surveyor
Mission Program Manager
Mission Science Support Engineer
Mission Scientist
Mission Specialist
Multimedia Education Specialist
Multimedia Specialist
National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow
National Science Foundation Representative, Palmer Station
Navigation Team Leader
Network Communications Instructor
Network Engineer
Neuroscience Researcher
New Space Transportation Developer
NTSB/FAA Investigator
Numerical Software Engineer
Observational Infrared Astronomer
Observing Assistant
Operations Lead
Operations Management
Operations Servicing Mission
Operations, Rover
Optical Engineer, Rover
Orbital Debris Scientist
Orbital Engineering Team
Orbiter Operations Group Lead
Orbiter Processor
Orbiter Test Conductor
Outreach Program Manager for Life Sciences
Outreach specialist
Owner, Senior Instructor, Big Red Divers Supply, Inc.
Owner: Tom Leaird's Underwater Service
Payload Integration Manager
Payload Manager
Payload Mission Manager
Payload Mission Operations Engineer
Payload Project Engineering Manager
Payload Project Manager
Payload Project Scientist
Payload Scientist
Payload Scientist and Systems Analyst
Payload Systems Engineer
Payloads Engineer
Payloads Facilities Manager
Payloads Management Specialist
Payloads Operations Engineer
Payloads Operations Supervisor
Photography/Video specialist
Photopolarimeter Radiometer Instrument Engineer
Photopolarimeter Radiometer Science Coordinator
Physics Research Associate
Pictures/Remote Sensing Specialist
Planetary Geologist
Planetary Scientist
Plasma Wave Assistant Science Coordinator
Pointing Control System Specialist
Post-Doctoral Student
Power, Heating, Articulation, Lighting and Controls Officer
President, Hitter Communications
President, The Space Transportation Association
Principal Investigator
Principal Scientist
Probe Deputy Manager
Procurement Agent
Production Assistant
Production Specialist
Professor Emerita, Exercise Science and Physical Education
Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University
Professor of Psychology, Ball State University
Professor, Adventure Education
Program Manager
Program Planning Specialist
Program Scientist
Project Engineer
Project Engineer, Hardware Development
Project Engineer, Thermal Control
Project Manager
Project Scientist
Project Teacher
Propulsion Engineer
Public Affairs Event Coordinator
Public Affairs Officer
Public Affairs Specialist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Quality Control Inspector
Radio Astronomer
Real-Time Operations Lead
Reasearch Instrument Maker
Research Assistant
Research Associate
Research Astrophysicist
Research Coordinator, Fatigue Countermeasures Program
Research Engineer
Research Engineer, Mechanical Systems
Research Nutritionist
Research Physicist
Research Pilot
Research Psychologist
Research Scientist
Research Test Pilot
Retired Astronaut
Retired Manufacturing Executive
Retired Nurse
Retired Software Group Leader
Science and Sequencing Office Manager
Science and Sequencing Technical Engineering Aide
Science Coordinator
Science Education Coordinator
Science Instruments Specialist
Science Planning Coordinator
Sciences Requirements Manager
Scientific Director
Second/Third Grade Multi-Age Teacher
Senator's Aide
Senior Airport Planner
Senior Education Specialist
Senior Electrical Engineer
Senior Instrumentation Engineer
Senior Materials Research Scientist
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Senior Olympics And World Senior Games Competitor
Senior Project Engineer -- Earthkam
Senior Project Manager
Senior Research Associate
Senior Research Scientist
Senior Scientist
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Specialist Engineer
Senior Technical Trainer
Sequence Integration Engineer
Shuttle and ISS Food Systems Manager
Shuttle Flight Support
Shuttle Project Engineering
Shuttle Structures and Transporters Engineer
Shuttle Test Director
Simulation Supervisor
Site Leader
Software Development Lead
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Operations Engineer
Software Safety and Mission Assurance Engineer
Solar Physicist
Solar Scientists
Space Farming Engineer
Space Flight Technician
Space Flight Training Specialist
Space Physicist
Space Physicist, Space Radiation Analysis
Space Physiology
Space Plasma Physicist
Space Scientist
Space Shuttle Crew
Space Shuttle Remote Manipulator System Training Instructor
Space Station Robotics Instructor
Space Station Utilization Division
Space Suit Project Engineer
Spacecraft Design Engineer
Spacecraft Systems Engineer
Spacesuit Technician
Storable Propellants Engineer
Stowage Manager
Strategic Engineer, Integrated Planning Systems
Strobotic Drill Project Manager, Rover
Student Ambassador
Student Apprentice
Student Interns
Student Scientist
Supervisor, Main Propulsion/Space Shuttle Main Engine
Surface Expert
System Design Engineer
System Engineer/Integrator
System Safety Engineer
System Safety, Reliability & Quality Assurance Lead
Systems Engineer
Systems Integration Engineer
Systems Management
Systems Verification
Teacher Intern
Team Manager, ISS Mission Evaluation
Technical Advisor, Earth: Final Conflict Television Series
Technical Integration Engineer with Space Station
Technical Leader for Space Station Outreach Group
Technical Writer
Technology Transfer Specialist
Telescope Operator
Television Production Specialist
Test Conductor
Test Director
Test Engineer
Test Project Engineer
THEMIS Instrument Specialist, Orbiter
Thermal Protection System/Shuttle Upgrades specialist
Tracker Operator
Traffic Management Specialist
Trajectory and Aerobraking Design Analyst
Trajectory Optimization Engineer
University Professor
University Program Specialist
University Programs Manager
Weather Station Manager
Wind Tunnel Mechanic
Wind Tunnel Test Engineer
Writer And On-Air Host For "What's In The News"
X-38 Project Manager

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