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«Иоганн Кеплер» вышел на орбиту Земли

Фото ESA

В среду, 16 февраля, в 21:50 по Гринвичу (18:50 местного) с космодрома в Куру (Французская Гвиана) стартовала ракета-носитель «Ариан-5». К Международной космической станции отправлен грузовой космический корабль ATV-2 «Иоганн Кеплер» - он будет пристыкован на агрегатный отсек служебного модуля «Звезда».

16 February 2011
ESA PR 07-2011 - ESA’s second Automated Transfer Vehicle, Johannes Kepler, has been launched into its targeted low orbit by an Ariane 5. The unmanned supply ship is planned to deliver critical supplies and reboost the International Space Station during its almost four-month mission.

The Ariane 5 lifted off from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, at 21:50 GMT (18:50 local) on Wednesday 16 February.
The launcher and its 20.06-tonne payload flew over the Atlantic towards the Azores and Europe. An initial 8-minute burn of the upper stage injected it, with Johannes Kepler, into a low orbit inclined at 51.6 degrees to the equator.

After a 42-minute coast, the upper stage reignited for 30 seconds to circularise the orbit at an altitude of 260 km. About 64 minutes into flight, the unmanned supply ship separated safely from the spent upper stage.

The Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) deployed its four solar wings soon after and will proceed with early orbit operations over the coming hours to begin its climb to the International Space Station (ISS).
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